Frequently Asked Questions

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What ingredients are in the shave cream?

Eli’s special blend of ingredients is all natural, and organic. The shave cream is made up of the following: Purified De-ionized water, Stearic acid (a Natural Thickener), Soybean Oil, Emusifying wax NF, Kosher Vegetable Glycerin (a Natural Humectant), Ethylhexyglycerin, Phenoxyethanol (a Paraben Free Preservative), Scented with Essential Oils and Essential Frangrance Oil[

What ingredients are in the body cream?

Eli’s body cream is also made up of natural and organic ingredients, the body cream includes: Purified water, Emulsifying Wax, NF, Stearic Acid, Soya Oil, Sunflower Oil, Kosher Vegetable Glycerin, Ethylhexyglycerin, Phenoxyethanol, Rice Bran Oil, Vitamin E., Scented with Essential Oils and Essential Fragrance Oil.

Are Eli’s products tested on animals?

Absolutely not. Eli’s products are initially tested on Eli’s employees, some of whom have been called animals on occasion. No actual animals have ever been, nor will ever be, a part of our product testing. However, if an animal is looking for a close shave, we strongly recommend an Eli’s blend featuring eucalyptus.

Why doesn’t Eli’s shave cream create a huge lather?

To foam, or not to foam. That is the question. Well, actually it wasn’t much of a question. When Ed and I set out to make the world’s greatest performing AND smelling shave cream, we actually didn’t spend much time debating this one. You see, foam is something that happens when you dispense the cheap stuff from an aerosol can. So guess what? Foam equals air! Foam originally started as a marketing gimmick. Some companies even take it a step farther and add some artificial ingredients in to make the product foam even more. Some of us even used to believe the more foam the better. Thank goodness we saw the light! So here’s the deal – foam=BAD, no foam=GOOD!

Instead of foaming up, Eli’s shaving cream actually helps your shave by creating a protective barrier to shield your skin from the trauma a razor blade can cause. Think about that for a second. Your skin is soft, and your razor blade is hard and sharp! When you shave, you essentially scrape the hair follicles off of your skin! That act can cause irritation. Yet with Eli’s shaving cream, your skin is protected, even moisturized. And get this – the essential oils we place into our shave cream actually have healing, anti-oxident properties. We’re taking care of your face, or legs, or head, or arms, or wherever you choose to shave. So do your skin a favor, grab a tub (or 7) of Eli’s Extracts shave cream today!

Do I need to use a shave brush like other shave creams?

You’re welcome to use a shave brush, but it’s not necessary. Simply applying a small, dime-to-nickle sized portion on your fingertips and rubbing Eli’s into your skin is all you need to do to experience a close shave. Eli’s doesn’t have lathering agents typical of most other shave creams, but a brush can help massage Eli’s shave cream into the skin, which can help give you a better shave in the process.

Why is Eli’s Extracts shave cream better for my skin than regular off the shelf foams or gels?

It’s all about the essential oils and the all-natural, organic ingredients. Every time you shave you are literally taking away a layer of your skin, leaving behind skin exposed and open to the elements. What you put on your exposed skin matters and that’s why we are so proud of our all-natural formula. Why expose your skin to harsh chemicals that dry out the skin, ingredients with 20 letter names designed simply to add color to a product, or to provide it with a shelf live that will carry the product well into the next decade? We take the shaving experience seriously, and you should, too. Do it correctly with our all natural shave cream and you’ll not only get a better shave, but also healthier, better looking skin.

My razor was old and I used your shave cream. I couldn’t even tell it was an old razor. Is that normal?

YES! One of the many, many benefits of all natural ingredients and essential oils is that Eli’s products literally coat the razor, providing for a smoother shaving experience AND less wear and tear on your blade. Cheap shaving cream solutions that dry out your face will just as quickly dry out your razor as well. Eli’s users regularly testify that their razor life has been extended greatly once they come over to our product.

I Like the citrus scents a lot. It’s a great eye opener in the morning. But how can you use citrus and not have the sting? You know, like lemon on a cut.

Good question, one of the keys to Eli’s products is our use of essential oils. Take lemon for instance. To extract the essential oil of the lemon, the lemon peel is cold pressed. This allows for the scent to be extracted but not the harsh effects (like the sting) of the lemon fruit itself. Only the best of each fresh fruit oil is extracted in this manner. It allows for all of the health-promoting and healing properties associated with each of the fruits we use. For example, the essential oils of lemons are high in vitamin C which helps fight infection and boosts the immune system. Along with its crisp scent it adds an uplifting quality whenever you use it.

I’m a marathon runner and need to shave my legs as well as chest. Do you know if this works well for that?

Yes! Whether you’re a marathon runner, ultra marathon runner, triathlete or just a weekend warrior, the memo is in, and body hair is out! Google the term “manscaping” and you can read why many men are now shaving legs, chest and arms, along with face and head, to give them that all-over-body clean feeling! And there is NO better product to give you that complete whole body shave than Eli’s range of shave and body creams. Our co-founder Tony can speak personally to our products’ capabilities here. As an avid ultra marathoner, he uses Eli’s products exclusively to shave, soothe and comfort his skin. Join Eli’s Explorers for more products, tips and tricks for the best shave, using Eli’s Extracts!

I have a really tough beard and have tried most of the off the shelf brands but they all leave stubble or just a raw feeling, kind of like I used a rake on my face even though I use new blades. I know there are really expensive shave creams from England and elsewhere but I don’t want to spend a fortune just to get a good shave. Will your shave cream do the trick for my face? The price seems reasonable, that’s why I’m asking first. Besides, I prefer to buy American whenever I can.

You used a pretty good analogy with the rake on your face, it’s actually a little worse than that. You’re scraping a layer of skin off every time you shave, that is why it is so important to use a product that is all natural and free of artificial ingredients that dry out your face even before you begin to shave! Eli’s products coat the skin, which lets the essential oils penetrate into your pores surrounding the hair follicle, so that your face gets the proper shave, no matter how tough your beard may be.

I tried your hand and body cream and couldn’t believe how soft and supple my hands were right after using it. They stayed that way through most of the day. How is that even possible? I’ve tried dozens of others and they wipe off or seem to dissipate almost immediately.

The key is the all-natural ingredients and the essential oils. These essential oils are important , because of their ability to seep into the skin, forming a protective barrier to the harsh contaminants and pollutants one’s skin may come into contact with while you’re out and about in the world. These oils also keep the skin’s natural hydrating and healing properties intact while adding reparative and anti-oxidant qualities to your skin that keep it soft and supple.