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In the creation of Eli’s shave and body creams, we’ve set out to do something different – to go against the grain of mainstream shave and body cream companies and create products that not only won’t harm your skin, but will actually help your skin to thrive the way nature intended. Along those lines, Eli’s is constantly on the lookout for those people who embody this same sense of doing things their own way. We call these folks Eli’s Ambassadors! Each of these people are doing the types of things in their sports and in their lives that we at Eli’s Extracts are doing in our industry, namely changing things for the better. Do you have a story worthy of an Eli’s Ambassador? Let us know and you too could someday represent the best of Eli’s Extracts!  

Jeffery Johnston

Originally from southern California, Jeffery made the move to northern California in 1997.  While living in Auburn he found his love for fitness and the outdoors, along with his passion for running, losing nearly 100 pounds along the way. Jeffery is a two-time Western States 100 mile Endurance Run finisher, Ironman finisher, and has completed over 100 ultra marathons and marathons combined. A contractor by day, massage therapist and RRCA running coach by night, at the age of 51 there’s no sign that this guy is slowing down anytime soon.

Jeffery loves the fact that Eli’s Extracts all natural shaving and body cream doesn’t harm the environment and is never tested on anything other than him!

Jennifer Park

Eli's Ambassador Jennifer Park

Jennifer is a mother of 3 girls and an avid runner. Jenn works as a hospice nurse, a job that she loves. She takes very seriously the opportunity and the responsibility of helping people during their most challenging times and her optimism and overall feeling of gratitude for life comes through in everything she does. Jenn ran the Boston marathon two years ago when the race was marred by an act of terrorism and she signed up again to go back and run this year. She is never one to back down from a challenge. Eli’s is proud to call Jenn one of our Ambassadors!

Chris Perillo

Chris Perillo Eli Ambassador

Here I stand on one of the most infamous trails in the world at Puckers Point on the Western States 100 course. I am closest to my true self exploring nature on foot, be it competing with other athletes in an Ultra Trail Race of distances up to 100 miles, or planning adventure runs with friends in locations like the Grand Canyon, Yosemite or the Tahoe Basin. Nothing quite compares to the bond created between like minded individuals pushing their limits; as such I have become one of the race directors of The Canyons Endurance Runs 100K, an event that has quickly brought runners from across the globe to my backyard to experience our local playground.

That said, I am more importantly a husband of 16 years and the father of two beautiful daughters. I strive daily to connect with them and demonstrate positive attributes that they may carry as they mature into young ladies. I am one of those lucky souls who has found passion with ny career as a Physical Therapist for the last 20 years, working closely with the geriatric population. I spend time within their home environment, advancing their safety and independence while bringing meaning and purpose to their Golden Years.

As a “middle aged man” of 46 (my wife is cringing), I often get the stereotypical response to my lifestyle, namely “isn’t it time to slow down?” My response: “Move at your own pace, challenge your own perceived limitations, and the doors to new insights will always present themselves!”

Isn’t that what Life is all about?

Andrea Abel

Andrea Abel Eli Ambassador

My husband was an ultra runner for many years and I helped crew him for many races which included Rio Del Lago and Western States 100 milers. I remember feeling excitement and inspiration from Jeff and many of the other ultra runners while I crewed. I loved listening to all of their training and race experiences. I saw how much enjoyment and happiness Jeff received from running. Unfortunately 3 months after completing a HARD Western States in 2005 my husband became very ill and was told he had cancer which was not curable. Little did he know that he completed Western States with tumors throughout his liver and a tumor the size of a cantaloupe on his pancreas which crushed his spleen. During many treatments and surgeries over the next couple of years he was still able to complete a 50 miler. Jeff was my inspiration to quit thinking about running and start running.

I wanted to lose some weight so I started a gym class “Fit Chixs” and also started running. Running a marathon had been on my bucket list for awhile and with the help of my trainer and my husband I started training for “Run the River” marathon in 2009. I completed my first marathon with a time of 4 hours and 14 minutes. I was happy to have completed my goal with hard work and dedication. Soon after completing my marathon I remember my husband kind of teasing kind of not when he said, “Why would you only run and complete half a race?” He believed that I could run a 50 miler after running just one marathon. Jeff knew me well and knew that I would take that challenge and use the anger that statement instilled in me and put it towards training for another race which was 24 miles longer than my first. I signed up for AR 50 in 2010 and started training. Jeff’s health was getting worse at that time and he could no longer race or run. I trained on the trails with his friend Scott Warr and others while Jeff helped me on the side lines giving me trail, nutrition, and equipment advise and encouragement. Jeff was my biggest cheerleader and #1 fan!

With Jeff’s help and others I completed AR 50 and continued to ultra run. I completed Way to Cool in 2011 and 2012 and also ran AR 50 in 2012. My race times continued to improve with experience, training and Jeff’s coaching. Jeff’s health continued to deteriorate and he passed away on Sept. 27, 2013. I took 2013 off from racing because of the emotional and physical toll his death had on me. I devoted my energy and time fully to my children and trying to figure out this single parent thing. It took awhile to get the motivation back to run again, I just didn’t feel like I had the strength and will power to sign up for a race. With the encouragement of Jack Meyer, Tina Hyde and Tina Frizner I signed up for the Marin Ultra Challenge 50K in 2014 (which I was way under trained for). Even after cramping up during the last part of that race I had a renewed excitement for running and racing again. I decided to continue running with Jeff in my heart and thoughts. Soon after in August I ran 80 miles with some amazing women that included 10,000 feet of climbing on the Tahoe Rim and Pacific Crest Trail. After these challenging and soul searching experiences I realized that running makes me a happier person.

During that time I was running with friends that had run multiple 100 mile races (which I paced for some) and after hearing their stories and experiencing part of it with them, I decided maybe just maybe I could complete one myself. With the total support and encouragement of my teenage and adult children I decided to sign up for Rio Del Lago 100 miler in 2015. I knew what kind of training and commitment it took to run a 100 miler because I saw my husband train for multiple 100’s and decided to put in the time and effort. I used Dick Collins 50 miler as a training run amongst many other long self supported runs. I toed the line on November 7th, 2015 and completed my first hundred with the help and support of many.

I am grateful for Jeff who believed in me, inspired me and continues to inspire me. With out his example I don’t think I would have discovered this passion and love I have for the trails and ultra running. I hope that I will be trail running for many years to come.

Tony Overbay

Always an athlete, Tony didn’t start running seriously until training for his first marathon in 1997. His progression was pretty typical, he started with a 5k, then a 10k, half marathon and then a full. Tony ran over 30 full marathons before finally deciding to step up to an “ultra marathon” or a race longer than the marathon distance of 26.2 miles. Since then, he has completed over 100 ultra marathons covering distances of 50k (32 miles), 50 miles, 100k (62 miles) and he has completed over a dozen 100 mile runs, including the famed Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run and the Lake Tahoe 100 miler.

Tony started a fundraiser at his kids middle school almost 6 years ago in order to help the school fight off the effects of increasing budget cuts. He is passionate in trying to spread the message to kids to be active and eat right! To raise these funds, Tony and fellow Eli’s Ambassador Jeffery Johnston, run around the school track for 24 hours, covering a distance of up to 125 miles. After the 24 hour run, the community gathers together for a 5K with hundreds of kids from the school participating.

Tony is just as passionate about Eli’s as he is for running, he loves the clean, fresh feeling he experiences after shaving his head, face or legs with Eli’s all natural shaving cream and swears by the antioxidant and healing properties of the essentials oils used in the cream.

Tell Us your story and you too could become an Eli Ambassador!