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  • I have very sensitive skin when it comes to shaving and this product is magic.

    Ricky - Shave Cream

  • I gave my boyfriend a jar of the Bogota' head shave cream and he loves the feel, the close shave and the smell of this great product.

    J.C. - Head Shave

  • The shave cream is very good. You don't have to use very much to get a nice, smooth shave and they smell great!

    Viveen B. - Algiers Shave Cream

  • I have very dry skin on my hands. I use the Bangkok lotion and it makes my skin feel very smooth and soft. It smells great too!

    Audrey V. - Bangkok Body Cream

  • I am a 67 year-old woman with extremely dry skin and a problem with perfumed products of any kind (e.g. I can't breathe around them). I use unscented lotions and creams MANY times daily. I have used unscented laundry detergent, hair spray, deodorant etc. for years. I tried a sample of Oceania hand and body cream and my hands felt smoother and silkier than with any product I've used. Also, the natural essences were not offensive to my sensitive sense of smell. I was very pleasantly surprised and will continue to use the products.

    Peggy O. - Body Cream

  • I used the Oceania and I loved it! I really like the scent. It feels refreshing too. The scent is clean. Good for my wife and me both!

    Jeff J. - Shave Cream

  • This stuff is sweet, one of the best shaves I’ve ever had. I have a serious 5 o’clock shadow and I experience severe razor burn, but not with Eli’s. I can shave twice a day, no problem!

    Zeb D. - Shave Cream

  • We honestly LOVE the lotion and shaving cream and we swear the lotion has saved our hands as they were so dry and cracked from moving. Even my husband is using it religiously!

    Erin V. - Shave Cream & Body Cream

  • The product works great! The no lather thing was an adjustment, but I absolutely love how great my face feels afterward — not dried out and stiff. It feels smooth, soft but not greasy either. It also doesn't require that much cream for a shave. It's a great shaving cream and the small size is great for travel.

    Rick G. - Shave Cream

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Check out our man Tony getting his noggin’ slick with our amazing Oceania shave cream!


Family legend says our namesake Eli was born in the Roaring 20’s and lived an epic life of adventure and exploration. While on these adventures, Eli always documented the local remedies, potions, ointments, salves and oils he found in the many lands he visited. His descendants have since combed through the journals Eli kept, discovering many great secrets.


Now you can come with us on a trip through time as you indulge in our scented shave creams. Breathe in the fragrance of fresh fruits and citrus as you start your day. Calm yourself with our refreshing hand & body creams. Our mission is to bring you nothing but the finest in personal care products from around the world. Our products are all natural and environmentally friendly. There are no artificial ingredients used in the recreation of Eli’s discoveries. Come join us on our mission to rediscover Eli’s secrets!

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